From attendees of previous Memorial Day Weekends at Camp Ramah.

My only regret about spending a Memorial Day weekend at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires is that I couldn't stay there, along with everyone I met that weekend, for the rest of the summer. - Jackey
The Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Ramah has been something special for me in that it has that rare combination of fun things to do, a relaxing atmosphere and a sense of spirituality not found elsewhere. You won't soon forget this weekend! - Greg
It's a chance to be a kid again and relive all the fun of your camping days--and best of all, no curfew! - EF
I enjoyed the weekend - a great combination of varied activities, the beautiful Berkshire mountains, friendly east coasters, and of course, great food!  There's something for everyone - the active, the more traditional observers, and those just in need of some good old fashioned r&r. - Linda
I remain close friends with people I met on the weekend nearly 3 years ago! It was great to feel like a kid again, eat in a dining hall with a long table of people, and sleep in a bunk full of girls, gossiping about the boys before we drifted off to sleep! The activities suited all sorts - there were hard-core hikes for those hard-core hikers, easy hikes for the casual walkers, group volleyball, etc. The evening square dancing was a blast and I remember a campfire with roasted potatoes and marshmallows on a stick. The icebreakers were clever and it was simply great outdoor and indoor fun with friendly Jews. - Debra
I've attended several weekends at Camp Ramah and have always enjoyed the experience. The activities are varied, with an extensive waterfront offering, and there are always new people to meet, even if you live on the Upper West Side. The staff is pleasant and accommodating, and the food, plentiful and good. Last year, make-your-own sundaes even featured Ben and Jerry's ice cream! I highly recommend spending Memorial Day weekend at Camp Ramah. - Gail
Memorial Day is such a wonderful time of the year, when spring is in full bloom and the excitement of summer is in the air. Camp Ramah in the exquisite Berkshires Mountains. The air is clean, the sun glistening, and the moon attractive and bright. The "stage" is fully set for friendship fun and an absolutely wonderful weekend !!. - DB
Memorial Weekends at Camp Ramah, may be the best weekends ever. There's so much to do. All kind of sports, swimming and boating and hanging out at the lake. There's Rock Climbing, crafts and massages. At night there's camp fires, dances and sometimes even shows. One year at the BBQ, I somehow led a conga line. The only problem, is there's just so much to do, you can't possibly do it all. The food is great, all you can eat. Shabbat at camp Ramah is very unique. With candle lighting, Onegs, and Havdalah under the stars. - Larry
The biggest problem with the Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Ramah is that it is at least one day too short. - Michael

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